I can’t believe I remember the password

It has been about 2 years since I last wrote on this site and woooow things have changed a lot.

Part of the reason I stopped uploading is I started writing more reviews (see the About page for examples). Then I started an MA course on Creative & Critical Writing last year (yay!). It was going pretty well, and I got really great grades for my research piece on The Magnus Archives, as well as my short story Seeds.

I’ll upload the latter this week as I’m very proud of it.

Then. Well. Everything.

I work in education, so as well as trying to study I’ve had to navigate how to do my job during a global pandemic. I haven’t exactly felt inspired to write.

But, for whatever reason, I had a bit of a breakthrough the last few weeks and I’ve been writing a ridiculous amount. I’m hoping to share that with you soon.

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